About Us

Who we are

We are an advisory group of talented development experts with experience and knowledge of the African landscape, working and providing services to potential clients to help enhance capacity-building initiatives and strengthen systems of African national, local organizations, and Government bodies to deliver quality and sustainable development programs through innovative approaches.

Our Vision

We envisage an Africa where national and local development organizations and Government bodies are well equipped to effectively implement real sustainable development programs in line with global mandates for more equity and dignity.

Afrisda, Inc is a network model organization that promotes localization in development and connects the right geographic and local technical expertise to develop and implement projects from the ground up with governments as co-designers.

Our Values


bridging the gap for a more equitable world based on our Canadian and African experience


building and transferring knowledge and capacity a key to true development


thinking outside the box for unlocking the full potential of Local Change Agents


strengthening the link between donors and country recipients for greater local ownership

Theory of Change

We believe…

By transferring our international and African experience and knowledge

To national/local governments and development organisations

Will contribute to strengthening and improving their management of grants

As well as their understanding of donor’s policies and requirements